The 6 Super-talls revolutionising the Global Commercial Construction Industry.

Written by Peter Moxon on November 11, 2019

A super tall skyscraper is defined as any building over 300M in height, and their popularity has skyrocketed over the past five years. Despite being the ancestral home of the Skyscraper, the USA has recently fallen behind in the global race to build bigger and taller. With technology, techniques and skills improving in recent years, it is no surprise that buildings are regularly able to reach higher and be designed using ever more complex architecture. Unfortunately, there are no Super tall’s in South America, but despite this, these are the six super tall’s which have propelled their native regions to new heights.


Africa’s first super tall skyscraper is currently under construction in Nairobi, Kenya and is set to rise 320 metres above the African skyline. Vast surpassing the previous record for the continent (the 222 metre Carlton Centre), the building will consist of two towers housing a hotel, luxury apartments, a helipad and amenities for both residential and commercial tenants. Despite being currently on hold, construction on the 67-story building is set to be resumed in 2020.

The Pinnacle - Kenya


The Varso tower, located in Warsaw, will be the largest commercial building in Europe upon its expected completion in 2020. The office building will dwarf the surrounding buildings, and being located next to the central train station is in prime territory for development. Topping off at 310 metres, the building is by no means the tallest on the this list, but with Europe’s traditional disdain towards Super tall buildings, the Varso tower is a positive step forward for the European commercial market.

Varso Tower - Poland


Despite being solely residential, the Green Spine is worth a mention due to the sheer vision of the project. Once completed, the $2Bn project will be a “living city”, with wide green spaces on each of its levels and each of the two towers having its own specialisation. Pedestrian walkways will connect the two buildings, with commercial properties being included within the lower levels. The Green Spine is a vision for a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future, where nature is included and allowed to thrive within cities.

Green Spine Tower - Australia


New York has gone under somewhat of a revival within recent years, with large scale commercial and residential super tall’s appearing on a regular basis across the New York skyline. With the completion of Hudson yards in 2019, the next major commercial project within the area is also the most ambitious. The 427 metre glass obelisk of One Vanderbilt will tower over the neighbouring Empire State Building. With over 1 million square feet of real estate space across 58 stories and one of the tallest public observation decks in the country, the Goliath will be supplemented by a brand new metro hub with up to six direct metro lines feeding directly under the building.

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The 644 Metre, Mega Tall PNB 118 in Malaysia will be one of the world’s tallest buildings upon completion in 2021, overtaking the closely located Petronas twin towers as the tallest building in Malaysia. The buildings 4.3 million square feet of commercial, residential and hotel space will make it a key part of the Kuala Lumpur Skyline. The skyscrapers diamond shaped facets are designed to emulate the diversity of Malaysians, and the building will have a direct metro line to the rest of Kuala Lumpur.

PNB 118 - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Middle East – JEDDAH TOWER

No list about future super tall’s would be complete without the Jeddah Tower currently under construction in Saudi Arabia. Designed to be the worlds first 1 km tall skyscraper, the building takes inspiration from the Burj Al-Arab and increases the scale. The final expected budget of the project matches the size of the building, at $20Bn it is expected to be one of the most expensive skyscrapers ever built. A 610m sky terrace will allow patrons a fantastic view over the red sea, and possibly one of the worlds greatest sunsets.

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